Sedimentary Geology and Continental Paleoenvironments

I use the geochemistry of paleosols and other continental deposits to reconstruct terrestrial paleoenvironmental variables (e.g. temperature, pCO2, precipitation, vegetation composition). This ultimate goal of this work is to learn how continental environments have evolved throughout geologic history and understand how soil processes respond to and drive feedbacks during major climate transitions.

Active projects include:

  1) Reconstructing changes in pCO2 and vegetation  during the Pliocene-Pleistocene transition.

  2) Understanding the consequences of the expansion of life on land on the Early Earth.

  3) Documenting how continental environments changed during the recovery from Permian-Triassic extinction.

Permian-Triassic Deposits
Xinjiang Province, China
~1.1 Ga Stromatolite
Northern Michigan, USA