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Modern Soil Observations and Field-Based Experiments

I study modern soils in order to understand their role in the global carbon cycle as well as to develop new and refine existing paleosol proxies.   In particular I make high-precision, field-based measurements of soil O2 and CO2 in order to continuously monitor belowground abiotic and biotic processes.


I also design and operating  long-term, field-based soil experiments . I am reproducing the field  observations in a soil physics/chemistry model in order to expand the experiment temporally in a simulated environment.

Active Projects include:

  1) Developing a process-based understanding of soil carbonate formation

  2) Continuous, field-based monitoring of soil O2 and CO2 concentrations to understand soil microbial metabolisms

  3) Quantifying the carbonate formation in South African soils via the oxalate-carbonate pathway

           -Currently funded through an NSF BoCP Grant (Award # 2224993  Start Date 1/2023)

Instrumented Soil Pit
Long-term Soil Carbonate Experiment Station
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